Aussie Health, it's all about good health!

Established in 2002, Aussie Health is a distributor of natural and organic products in Singapore, with over 300 products from supplements, health food and snacks to skin and hair care products. 

We constantly strive to educate the public on the benefits of using “Back to Nature” products. We advocate 5 steps to wellness with our health supplements - Alkalise, Boosting Antioxidants, Cleanse & Detox, Improve Digestion and Building Immunity - as a means to greater physical well-being and a healthier lifestyle for the society. 

Our skin care brands are also chosen for their purity and skin-friendly compatibility. Derived from botanical extracts, they are free from paraben and petroleum based substances. Products made from natural ingredients have greater nutritional superiority as they are free from synthetic chemicals and processed additives.

We aspire to bring the finest of natural products which are also environmentally responsible for our valued customers to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Our distribution channels include major personal care stores, organic concept stores, departmental stores and supermarkets in Singapore. Please refer to our website under Store Locator to find the store nearest to you. Aussie Health also has our own retail outlet at One@KentRidge and an online shop on our website for the convenience of our customers.

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